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Paint It Right: 4 No-Fail Whites For Perfect Walls

Paint it Right: 4 No-Fail Whites for Perfect Walls

White is one of the most popular ‘colours’ to paint walls. The neutral hue makes rooms feel fresh, more open, spacious and clean, and its the perfect backdrop for adding colour and pattern by way of artwork, soft furnishings and home decor accessories. But while white may simply be the best to showcase your space, finding the perfect shade is anything but straightforward.

No two white paints are the same. Each has a unique undertone, the most common being blue, grey, green, pink and yellow. Depending on which you choose and where it’s applied, white can do wonders or wreak havoc.

So how do you choose the right white?

With hundreds of white paint products on the market, I’ve narrowed down your options to my four no-fail favourites, all by my go-to paint provider Benjamin Moore.

Chantilly Lace OC-65
Chantilly Lace is a bright white with a subtle cool grey base that feels welcoming rather than cold and can be used to either modernize or pare down a space.

Cloud White CC-40
Cloud White is a subtle, sophisticated shade of soft white that’s warm and creamy-looking.

Simply White OC-117
Simply White is a multi-purpose white that has a slight warm, yellow undertone, which keeps it from feeling too sterile.

Decorator’s White CC-20
Decorator’s White is crisp and slightly cool, with very vague blue undertones, making it the perfect backdrop to pop other colours used within a room.

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